Matthieu Muller & Pierre-Alexandre Cesbron


LIGA STUDIO is a creative duo composed by Pierre-Alexandre Cesbron  (1989)(ENSCI Les Ateliers) and Matthieu Muller (1994) (Design Academy Eindhoven). After a successful collaboration, the duo became studio and now work in the same mindset to create simple, poetic and functional objects. The duo-studio has been freshly founded in Paris during summer 2017 and work now between France and The Netherland.

Matthieu and Pierre-Alexandre does not want to stop there and beside their respective studies continues to work on new editions objects under the name of LIGA STUDIO.


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2018/02   Talent Ambiente, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition, Frankfurt

2018/01   Pure Talent, IMM Cologne, Cologne

2017/10   KAZERNE, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

2017/09   London Design Fair, London

2017/01   ENSCI Les Ateliers, Paris