Still Life lamp


On the frontier between a container and a light source, REVERSE reveals its hidden face by a play of light and transparency. This phenomenon can be glimpsed by the daylight in front of a window or at night by its own lighting ». 

The bottom part acts as a container as the vertical part acts as a screen. Functional parts are designed to allow quick and simple assembly. The purple acrylic fades away in harmony with the light revealing a FUNCTIONAL POETRY. Things get revealed and come naturally alive.

Last June, REVERSE was part of the 12 finalists of the distinguished GIL (syndicat du Luminaire) in Paris, the French lighting union in partnership with Les Ateliers de Paris and exhibited there. The selection has been made by prestigious Juries such as Gallery Bensimon director François Leblanc, Amélie du Passage director of Petite Friture, Marie Farman journalist at AD Magazine and prestigious others.

Photos courtesy ©Liga Studio 2018 + photo below courtesy ©GIL